About us

Hello everyone!
We are Lilla&Gabor12366408_552984151524084_8157752710183079570_n

We have been traveling around the World and teaching kitesurfing in the last few years. Gabor bought his first kite equipment in 2003 and he got hooked immediately. Those days the technology and the design of the kites and boards were still in their infancy therefore it was considerably more difficult to learn the sport. He did not give up though and soon became a permanent member of the small kitesurfing community in Hungary. He was running a kite school on his home spot, Lake Balaton for 6 years. After he finished his studies, he got the opportunity to discover more kite spots and do his beloved sport not only in the summer time, but all year around.

Eszterházy Károly University Sport Science
Semmelweis University Physical Education
IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) Instructor since 2009

Lilla started kitesurfing in 2012, she had a natural talent for the sport. Although she was studying international economics at University, she could never imagine herself sitting behind a desk 40hours a week, so she took the opportunity and joined Gabor on his travels. She started to teach kitesurfing in 2015, after learning the techniques from Gabor and other instructors in Europe and Asia.


Follow The Wind started off in 2013 as a blog about our adventures around the globe.
After many years of traveling and teaching in different conditions,  we recived a lot of positive feedback about what we do and people wanted to continue kitesurfing with us, and suggested our services for their friends and family. Our goal has been finding a spot in Europe (not too far from home) where we can stay at least 6 months a year and teach with our own equipment and style, so we can give what we think is the best for our students.